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Greetings health fans! Health Tech Update is a blog focused on all things related to health technology! We cover everything from treadmill desks, to wearable health technology like the FitBit, to iPhone apps that help you manage your health.  I’ll even cover primitive health tech, like how to exercise in your hotel room when you don’t have any tech with you!


My personal and professional interests sit at the intersection of both health and technology.  I am a certified personal trainer and marathon runner.  I have designed, patented and commercialized hardware and software systems that help use technology to improve health.  As the co-founder and chief technologist for a health care technology company, I am constantly investigating new technologies that can help us improve our lives.  When I find something worthwhile, I’ll pass it along.  Have you seen something noteworthy?  I enjoy hearing refreshing perspectives all things related to health technology.  Just drop me a line with your ideas at
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That should cover everything.  Thank you and stay healthy!



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