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Best Bluetooth headphones for exercising?

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Wireless Bluetooth Headset

We are about to do a test of the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Headset.  A lot of people are looking for the best way to cut the cord to their headphones when working out.   I can’t even count the number of times I’ve knocked my headphones off while trying to look graceful getting off the treadmill…not a pretty sight!

After trying the Jawbone ICON HD (which works great for regular phone calls) on several runs and bike rides, I was pleased with the cordless experience, but let down by the low fidelity music listening experience.  It’s OK for listening to podcasts, but not great for music.   That brings us to stereo Bluetooth headphones like the BackBeat 903+.

With stereo speakers, on-device buttons for controlling volume and skipping tracks, and tighter integration with smart phones like the iPhone, this should be a great way to cover the miles of my morning run with a smile on my face.

Stay tuned for the full review!

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