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Simple tripod mount and stand for iPhone 4s

Glif iPhone 4s Tripod Mount

Glif iPhone 4s Tripod Mount and Phone Stand

We are getting ready to film some side-by-side running videos of the Vibrams Fivefingers “shoes.”  They are very low tech, but they are a useful piece of health tech if you’re looking for a way to develop a more natural running form.  More on that later.

To get the right perspective for the video shoot, we needed an easy way to capture video from ground level.  We think we’ve found a simple solution: the Glif from StudioNeat.

Using this simple bracket for the iPhone 4s, we can easily use the phone to capture some ground level footage.  This is a well-designed piece of hardware that securely hooks your iPhone up to a tripod.  Plus it works as a simple stand for watching videos or doing FaceTime on the iPhone.

Glif iPhone 4s Stand

Glif iPhone 4s Stand

They also have a bundle that includes couple of add-ons that secure the Glif for angled (or even upside down) video shoots. 



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