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123GoTV: Marrying exercise equipment with the television


If kids are going to watch TV, at least get them moving while they do it

Over the years, we have slowly engineered activity out of our daily routines.  Many of us sit in front of computers all day at work, and then continue the sitting into the evening in front of the television.  Kids are no different.  They are sitting desks at school (where physical education has been eliminated in many cases) and then they come home and play video games or watch TV.  Technology, which is often the reason that kids are sitting around, can be used to actually get them moving!


Take a look at this simple idea for getting kids (and adults!) to be more active while watching TV.  The concept is simple: stop pedaling and the TV stops.  Start pedaling again and the TV starts back up.  The product is called 123GoTV.

  • Liz Mullen says:

    Thanks for posting this important review of our product. I think you described it more succinctly than we have. Appreciate your mention.

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