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Can “Big Mother” Help Your Posture?

Everyone knows that mobile apps are changing our world every day, particularly in the world of fitness apps.  Well a new crop of personal health technology is hitting that market.  These new products are combining dedicated hardware to work in tandem with a custom app to help you perform better.

One of the simple, yet powerful examples coming out is targeted at something a lot of us suffer from: poor posture.  I know that when I sit at the computer for an extended period of time I start to slouch.  The longer I set, the lower I slide into my chair.  This is where the LumoBACK device comes into the picture. The LUMOback is part of growing collection of wearable health technology that has the potential to be a realtime coach showing us how to enhance our performance. It also has the potential to spy on our every move. That’s how the slightly comical, slightly creepy “Big Mother” term came about.

This small band goes around your waist and watches your lower back posture. When you start to slouch, it gently vibrates to remind you to sit up straight. There’s also a companion app for your iPhone that shows a simple avatar of your posture as you stand, sit or walk. Using the app, you can see how adjusting your body can change you posture.

The end result of this realtime feedback is that you start to build new muscle memory throughout your day. We’ll be doing a full review of the LUMOback soon.

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