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Glowing orb slows your computer down if you don’t exercise

This is an interesting prototype.   It’s a device that senses how much exercise you’re getting (in this example it’s looking at how far you bike).  When you start “running low on exercise”, the orb turns from green to red and slowly slows down the speed of your computer mouse (this is obviously targeted at those of us that sit in front of a computer for a good part of the day)!

You are then supposed to go ride your bike for a while to recharge your PEO orb.  Then you plug it back into your computer and your mouse is back to normal speed.  Until you run out of exercise again.

I think a better way to achieve the same effect would be to use something like a Fitbit and just use that activity data.  In the case of the Fitbit, it’s already set up to wirelessly transmit activity data in real-time to your computer.

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