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Nike+ Fuel Band links up with Path Social Networking

Path integrates with Nike+ Fuel Band

Path integrates with Nike+ Fuel Band

If you’re using the new Nike+ Fuel Band you can now set it up to automatically publish your healthy activities right to your Path mobile social account.

In the announcement from Path, they discuss how you can now link from the Fuel Band without having to manually push the data out.  With the nice summary of how you’re doing relative to your daily activity goal (called your NikeFuel score) popping up right on your Path account, your friends and family can give you that gently nudge you need to stay on track.

You don’t have to use the Fuel Band to integrate with Path.  If you use the Nike+ app on your phone, you can configure it to also post directly to Path.

If you’re a Fuel Band (or even a regular Nike+ user) you can try it out today.

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