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Withings Smart Activity Tracker announced at CES

Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Today Withings announced a big expansion of its product line. Most well known for its wifi-enabled body weight scale, Withings now has a smart activity tracker called, wait for it, the Withings Smart Activity Tracker.

Based on the initial details about the product, it appears to be a direct competitor to the Fitbit One. Some of the on screen icons even look the same as the One. The features look almost identical (steps, stairs, sleep tracking, etc.). The main new feature appears to be a heart rate monitor that is activated by pressing your finger on a sensor on the back of the device. The Withings Smart Activity Tracker also has a touch screen and the ability to review a limited amount of historical data right on the device (most devices like the Fitbit One only show the current day’s stats).

Pricing hasn’t been announced. It’s expected to be released this spring. Stay tuned for a full shake down on the Smart Activity Tracker soon.

You can read the full product release from Withings about the Smart Activity Tracker here.


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